Cramer Remix: This board room shake up makes eBay a buy

Investors can place a bet on now that the e-commerce corporation could potentially be split up, CNBC‘s said Monday.

“I want you to buy eBay,” the host said. “I think that what Elliott [Management‘s] done is remarkable. I think that Devin Wenig as CEO—I think he‘s gonna go with the plan to split it up. If he doesn‘t, I think he‘s gonna be set up for a little bit of trouble.

Elliott, the activist investor, earlier this year and issued a list of recommendations for the company‘s future. Shares of eBay closed about 6 percent higher after the hedge fund acquired more than 4 percent of the tech company.

As part of the recommendations, eBay‘s “portfolio of Classifieds properties” and online ticket exchange StubHub could be separated from the parent. Cramer has previously suggested that eBay follow suit.

“I do think that the plan itself that Elliott‘s propounded is a great one. Own eBay,” he said.