Experimental Google Maps feature puts arrows over images of the real world so you can‘t get lost

Maps has an experimental new feature on iPhone and Android that shows you exactly where to walk when trying to get to a destination.

While it‘s fine on a phone, it‘s more interesting as a vision of the future. It shows one way augmented reality glasses — which superimpose computer images over the real world — could actually be useful.

Google was early to the idea with Google Glass, which launched in 2013. It received a lot of negative attention because of its odd style and video cameras and never took off as a consumer product, but is still being used in some businesses.

But a lot of other companies are working on the problem, imagining that augmented reality glasses could someday replace smartphones.

just released the , and start-up Magic Leap released a version of its glasses for software developers is betting big on on its iPhones, and is reportedly building AR glasses that .

I used the new Google Maps feature, which isn‘t yet available for everyone, to walk to a coffee shop downtown. Instead of having to figure out the exact roads I was supposed to walk on, and in what direction, the AR feature pointed the way and even showed me exactly where I needed to go. It‘s only for walking directions, since the maps in your car and other places can already tell you if you‘re heading the right way.

It‘s amazing. Here‘s what using Google Maps AR is like.