Get lost in Big Whiskey’s vast bottle collection

With 170 whiskeys and counting, you’d think the name Big Whiskey’s referred to the bar-restaurant’s favorite booze. But it actually taps into the legend behind the Springfield, Missouri, chain. Big Whiskey was a regular who ordered a single beverage, saying, “I’m only going to have one, so make it a big one.” His Yoda-like musings on drinking, friendship and love now grace the walls at the first Big Whiskey’s on the West Coast, located in the former Pot Liquor location at Town Square.

Bar Manager Kaleigh Kazial, who previously opened Evel Pie, says Big Whiskey’s will feature a “Vegas-geared bar.” There’s a #VegasBorn whiskey cocktail on tap featuring Four Roses bourbon, apricot liqueur and maple syrup. A Nevada Peach cocktail blends Evan Williams, elderflower and Nagomi white peach. Other items bear the names of local sports stars.

The extensive whiskey list is organized first by country of origin and then type. For example, you can try Nikka Taketsuru, a pure malt from Japan. The indecisive should opt for a themed whiskey flight. Kazial is still expanding and finalizing the Captain’s Whiskey List, so stay tuned for high-end sipping. The grand opening celebration begins on March 15 with the popping of a Maker’s Mark whiskey barrel.

In addition to whiskey, Big Whiskey’s has 18 beer taps, almost half of which feature local beer (Bad Beat, Lovelady, Joseph James and Tenaya Creek). To soak up the booze, there’s also a big (and delightfully indulgent) menu of American favorites.

BIG WHISKEY‘S Town Square,. Sunday-Wednesday, 11 a.m.-midnight; Thursday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-1 a.m.