Here‘s who stands to get rich from Lyft‘s IPO

Lyft is poised to rake in as much as $2 billion when it debuts on the public markets later this month, and its major stakeholders are set to get rich.

The company plans to sell roughly 30 million class A shares at , valuing the ride-hailing firm at up to $19.3 billion based on an of roughly 284 million class A and class B shares. Lyft‘s co-founders, Logan Green and John Zimmer, will be the sole holders of class B shares, which carry more voting power. Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten, , Fidelity and also hold significant stakes in Lyft.

The IPO is likely to be one of the largest for 2019, among like Uber, Airbnb and Slack that are all eyeing public offerings. Of course, shares can gain or lose value by the time the traditional lockup period ends, but Lyft‘s major shareholders will collectively hold billions in value when the company debuts.

Here‘s where each major shareholder will stand after the public offering, based on their post-IPO share counts and assuming Lyft prices at the mid-point of its stated range at $65 per share: