MPAA criticized for anti-abortion movie‘s R-rating

(Hollywood Reporter) Christian leaders and some in the movie industry — including a couple of best picture Oscar winners — have taken the unusual step of issuing an open letter to criticize the MPAA ratings board for being allegedly biased against a film with an anti-abortion message.

The movie, called Unplanned, tells the true story of a Planned Parenthood executive who becomes a pro-life advocate, and the MPAA has rated it R for three “objectionable” scenes involving abortion, though the filmmakers argue that there is no profanity, gore, violence or anything else associated with a film receiving a “Restricted” rating.

The open letter complains that Unplanned should easily have qualified for a less-restrictive rating as even PG-13 movies “are too often filled with all manner of evil, from swearing to depictions of gratuitous sexual scenes, murder, you name it.”