This dad got pitched by college admissions fraudster Rick Singer — but said no to the scam

A man who talked to college admissions advisor William “Rick” Singer eight years ago about getting his son into a top California school says Singer matter-of-factly raised the idea of using fraud to make that happen — for a whopping $100,000 fee — less than two minutes after their conversation began.

“I think there was 90 seconds of asking about his grades and his SATs and his extracurricular activities, and then it shifted” into how to have his son win admission by pretending to be a water polo team recruit and making a “contribution” to the water polo team, recalled the man.

“When he was laying that down, he gave me the impression my kid wasn‘t the first kid” Singer had gotten admitted by such a ruse, said the man, adding that he never considered going along with Singer‘s suggestion.

“I vividly remember him saying to me that, ‘I‘ve placed a number of kids,‘” said the man, who spoke to CNBC on the condition of anonymity.